Under Prof. R. S. Rawat 13 PhD Students graduated (3 as sole supervisor, 7 as main supervisor, and 3 as co-supervisor) and 3 MSc by Research students (2 as main supervisor and one as co-supervisor)

# Name Programme/Designation Level of Involvement Thesis/Research Title/Project
1. Dr. Tao Zhang PhD Awarded, July 2007 Main Supervisor Electron emission from plasma focus for nano phase FeCo thin film deposition
2. Dr. Lin Jiaji PhD Awarded, July 2009 Main Supervisor Pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured magnetic materials
3. Dr Mohammad Ali Mohammadi PhD Awarded, 2009 (Univ of Tabriz, Iran) Co-Supervisor Laser shadowgraphic studies of plasma focus device
4. Dr Shahid Mahmood PhD Awarded, May 2010 Co-Supervisor Study of laser ablation plasma using time resolved imaging and modeling
5. Dr Shumaila Karamat PhD Awarded, 2011 Main Supervisor Synthesis of doped ZnO based bulk dilute magnetic semiconductors and their nanophase thin films using pulsed laser ablation
6. Dr Rishi Verma PhD Awarded, Dec 2010 Main Supervisor Construction and optimization of low energy (< 240J) miniature repetitive plasma focus neutron source
7. Dr Zhenying Pan PhD Awarded, 2011 Main Supervisor Magnetic materials synthesis using plasma focus devices
8. Mr Gratian Macharaga PhD – Halted as he passed away Main-Supervisor Titanium oxide thin film synthesis using plasma focus device
9. Dr Usman Illyas PhD Awarded in 2014 Sole-Supervisor Thin films of Mn-Doped zinc oxide diluted magnetic semiconductor materials for spintronics
10. Dr Seng Yeow Sing PhD Awarded in 2015 Main Supervisor Electromagnetic particle in cell modelling of plasma dynamics in breakdown and lift-off phases of plasma focus
11. Dr Wang Ying PhD Awarded in 2015 Main Supervisor Nanostructured magnetic material using two different plasma based methods
12. Dr S. M. Kalaiselvi PhD Awarded in 2016 Co-supervisor Fast miniature plasma focus device : soft x-rays optimization studies and its application in x-ray lithography
13. Dr Tan Kin Seng PhD Awarded in 2017 Sole Supervisor High growth rate synthesis of zinc oxide and carbon based nanostructured materials using dense plasma focus device
14. Dr Bo Ouyang PhD Awarded in 2018 Sole Supervisor Plasma assisted carbon-based nano-composite architectures for energy storage devices
18. Mr Pan De MSc (Res) Awarded in 2010 Main Supervisor Investigation of conversion efficiency of linear high pressure flashlamps during partial flash
19. Ms Tan Li Ching Claudia MSc (Res) Awarded in 2010 Main Supervisor Simulation studies of plasma dynamics and radiation yield in plasma focus device
20. Chen Ying M.Eng Awarded in 2014 Co-Supervisor Synthesis of Metastable Phases and Compounds in a Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique
21. Ms Sheema Khan MSc (Res) Completed Co-Supervisor Solar Cells
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