Shilpa Samdani

PhD Ongoing (2020 onwards) Thesis/Research Title Study of electron spin current to charge current interconversion efficiency and magnetization dynamics in materials with high spin-orbit coupling [...]


Sourabh Manna

PhD Ongoing (2020 onwards) Thesis/Research Title Enhancement of Spin to Charge Conversion Efficiency Metal/Metal-Oxide Interface About Him Sourabh Manna has completed his Master of Science degree [...]


Sun Ye

PHD ONGOING (2017 ONWARDS) THESIS/RESEARCH TITLE:   ABOUT HIM Sun Ye graduated in 2014 from school of Material Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technology University with second upper honor. [...]


Avinash Chaurasiya

PhD Ongoing (2017 onwards) Thesis/Research Title Voltage Controlled Magnetization Switching in Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Interfaces About Him Avinash Chaurasiya completed his B.Sc (Hons.) in [...]

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