Mr. Mayank Mishra (Research Associate)

    Designation: Research Associate
    Area of Interest: Dense Plasma Device, Plasma Diagnostics, Pulse Power Systems, Fusion Studies, Renewable Energy Source and Electrical Power System
    B.E. in Electrical Engineering, Mumbai University in 2011.
    M.Tech in Electrical Power Systems, Mumbai University in 2017.

    Mr. Mayank Mishra completed his Masters in Electrical Power System from Mumbai University in 2017.
    He joined PEARL in 2017 and currently working as Research Associate.
    His research area mainly focuses on the thin film coating and nano-structurization using Dense Plasma Focus devices for various applications.
    Apart from this Mr. Mayank take care of the maintaining the equipment in running condition and lab up to the safety standards. Also he is involved in carrying out all necessary procurement for the lab and research.

    List of Publications

    1. Prakash Pitchappa, Abhishek Kumar, Saurav Prakash, Hariom Jani, Rohit Medwal, Mayank Mishra, Rajdeep Singh Rawat, Thirumalai Venkatesan, Nan Wang, Ranjan Singh, “Volatile ultrafast switching at multilevel nonvolatile states of phase change material for flexible terahertz meta devices”, Advanced Functional Materials, (Research Article, No. adfm.202100200). Impact Factor: 16.836
    2. V. Sreekanth, C. M. Das, Rohit Medwal, Mayank Mishra, Q. Ouyang, R. S. Rawat, K.-T. Yong and R. Singh, “Electrically tunable singular phase and Goos-Hänchen shifts in phase change material based thin-film optical absorbers”, Advance Materials, (Communication, No. adma.202006926R2). Impact Factor: 27.398 (Accepted)
    3. J V Vas, J Q Pan, N L Wang, J H Xu, R Medwal, M Mishra, J Y Pae, M V Matham, L C K Paul, R S Rawat, “Plasma processed tungsten for fusion reactor first-wall material”, Journal of Materials Science, Pages 1-16.”, Journal of Materials Science, (JMSC-D-20-08214R1). Impact Factor: 3.4.
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