Plasma based synthesis techniques are an attractive option for surface treatment of various substrates. Different types of plasma of different powers can be used for the nanostructurization, nitriding, carbiding and also for the thin film deposition on the surface of tungsten substrates. Plasma based processing of materials especially based on the dense plasma focus device have emerged as an exciting new frontier for material development since it provides plasmas of different energies and power levels which can be used to synthesize seemingly difficult materials. Plasma based techniques can be used for synthesizing materials with extremely specific physical orientation and structure which are difficult with traditional metallurgical or chemical approaches. RF plasma based systems have been extensively used for the surface functionalization and nanostructurization in different materials for a variety of applications. They can also prospectively introduce nitrides onto the surface of the sample which can improve the surface hardness.

    Currently the research work focused by our group are:

    1. Graphene synthesis and its application
    2. Surface synthesis of various substrate like Tungsten for its application in Tokamak/Fusion/ Neutron source devices
    3. Surface nitriding and nanostructurization of various material to increase hardness of the material.
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